Freight Hoist Scissor Lifts

Freight_Hoist_Scissor_Lift_1_1_1.jpgMcGrath Industries' Freight Hoist Scissor Lifts are ideal for transferring freight between floors in low rise two or three level applications such as warehouses, retail complexes and factories.

Freight_Hoist_Scissor_Lift_2_1.jpg Compared to a goods-passenger elevator, a "freight only" multistage scissor lift is a compact economical alternative. And cost savings extend into the building itself because it does not support the hoist or payload. A multistage scissor lift is a fully self supporting structure which carries all load directly back to the ground.

The hoist must operate in an enclosure with interlocked doors for safety. However, in many industrial installations, the hoist enclosure may be just simple fencing.

Freight Hoist Scissor Lifts allow the flexibility to access the Cargo Deck from any of the four sides at any level. Freight Hoists can even be applied as truck docks, allowing freight to be moved directly between truck deck and the building level above.

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