Freight Hoist Mast Lifts

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McGrath Industries’ Freight Hoist Mast Hoists are a lift mechanism that can be applied in both low rise and multi-level (between floor) cargo transfer applications.

Compared to a passenger-goods elevator a freight only Mast Hoist is an economical alternative. The mast is a semi-self supporting structure, secured to the building, that carries most load back to the floor. For the cargo deck to be level with the floor when fully lowered, the base of the mast is mounted in a swallow pit. However, in many installations a pit in unnecessary. If the Mast Hoist sits directly on the floor slab the lowered deck is nominally only 180mm high. Fork-lifts can place pallets directly on the deck or a low incline ramp can be installed for access using hand devices like pallet trolleys.

In low rise installations handrails, gates, interlocked controls, foot shear safety bar and roller blinds are included as applicable to support a safe working environment. In multi-level (between floor) installations, a lift shaft enclosure is required. The shaft can be constructed separately and integral within the building if appropriate to the site. Alternatively, in some simple installations such as ground floor to mezzanine, the lift shaft can be provided with the hoist as a fenced enclosure attached to the mast structure, forming a complete unit that requires minimal site work preparation.

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